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neat flash toys / sites

I’ve had to start playing with different flash implementations as a solution to keep things on the web, but have fast development and high interactivity. Yah, I know there’s a bazillion javascript libraries out there, but I’m always concerned about which one will survive and how they work cross-browser. Alike any compiled language (java is a great example), flash seems to foot the bill -- at least for now.

My big concern is actually the ability to cache lots (read 35x81) images and do it quickly. At the same time, I need the client to be able to quickly compute (9x4500) floating point operations. I know this is a very strong reason to use something with some backbone, but I’m just opposed to doing it all in C at this stage -- not to mention the fact that I just spent a few weeks picking up flash.

Here are a few fun links for interesting flash sites/projects...

(speaking of cool Wii stuff, because I know you want to)

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