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all items must go (farewell powerbook)

Mac PowerBook 15” G4

You can get your hands on a great machine, a 15” 1.6GHz PowerBook Pro.  I am currently an graduate student in engineering, so I can vouch for the stability and speed of this machine.  Sadly, it’s time for me to move on, but you now you can enjoy this computer.   Here’s the technical rundown...

Technical Breakdown

  1. 1.6 GHz RISC processor (the fastest and final version on the PowerBook line)
  2. 1.5 GB RAM (upgraded from a low 512MB or others’ 1GB)
  3. 160 GB hard disk - upgraded from standard 80G - great for storing lots of photos and videos; it’s brand new (installed in November ’07), so it will last for quite some time
  4. Really handy/cool two-finger scrolling action on the touchpad; most PowerBooks on craigslist are too old to have this, but with it, you really don’t need a mouse!
  5. Ultra-high resolution of 1440 x 960 pixels - even the newest MacBook Pro’s don’t have this!
  6. DVD+DL (dual layer) writer - need to burn 7.8G, no problem!
  7. Factory Airport 802.11 G wireless network - transfer at 54GB
  8. 56K modem (extra on ALL new Macs)
  9. Original manuals and Apple Care support disk
  10. 1G ethernet - great if you have an office network to connect to
  11. 3 USB ports - camera, mouse, keyboard? you can fit them all!
  12. DVI output - get a very high-resolution output for a second monitor, projector, or even TV
  13. Firewire 1 and Firewire 2 ports - tested and used both of them; great for high-speed external drives

Special Extras for this laptop

Here’s some stuff you won’t get from other sellers...

  1. Apple Care (i.e. full hardware warranty at an Apple Store or Tekserve) until October 2008
  2. Brand new battery (purchased in November ’07) with very few charges
  3. Free ethernet cable, free phone cable - direct from Apple to you

And, as a courtesy to you, I can reinstall the hard disk with a fresh version of Leopard (as if you just bought the computer brand-new) or leave the software that I’ve installed in place.  There’s a lot of useful programs like Word, Powerpoint, iLife, iWork, but I got these from an older Mac of mine, so I can’t provide original installation CDs.

Personal Care

This was my first Mac product, so I treated it quite well.  Sure, it has a scratch or two, but that’s what you’d expect from normal usage.  I’ve never had to take it in for repairs and it’s travelled with me across the US, Iceland, and all over Europe.   To prevent screen damage, I’ve always closed it with the protecting Styrofoam pad (seen in one of the pictures below).

Shipping and Payment

  1. can only accept a cashier’s check or cash but we can meet at a coffee shop near Columbia University during the day or somewhere closer to you at night.  I can’t accept a trade or ship it anywhere, so please only contact me if you’re serious.  Other than that, think it over, feel free to ask questions by email, and let me know when you’re ready to buy.  I really think you’ll be happy with this laptop, I know I have been.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!


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