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Monthly Archives: July 2008

monitor your A/C and toaster from linux

Sorry to fool you, there's no great new linux script available, but instead it's a sad side-effect of the poor electrical wiring of my apartment that allows me to tell when the air-conditioner or toaster oven turns on in my apartment.  With a simple serial connection from a standard APC UPS, I get broadcast messages […]

bye uptime

Cheesy and a waste of power, but our in-house server was up for 426 days before the tv-tuner driver stopped responding.  Oh well.

Not exactly what I expected

Okay, so just starting to use some of these blog/web/etc software packages, I guess I have a few expectations that are not being fulfilled as easily as I though. Formatting: Even though this WYSIWYG stuff is pretty nice for WP, I still like my old-fashioned wiki style formatting.  I have a lot of legacy stuff […]

Into the 20th century

yo. I finally decided to claim a small space of a server that I don't host at home, so here's my Dreamhost sponsored presence.  Hopefully this means I will post pictures, a regular non-blog commentary and other things so that others interested in can try to keep up to date.  Eventually I will hopefully host […]