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Monthly Archives: October 2008

big waste of time, but fun with physics

Through a forward or two, someone passed along a link to this physics based game.  I got hooked and didn't stop for a few hours.  Play the demo round then get hooked yourself.  Of course, can always take a look at my contraptions as well!  Have fun. The site itself... Fantastic Contraption All my gadgets... […]

guaranteed unique facebook image

Tired of people mocking your profile photos?  Don't have photographic evidence that you were a child?  If so, just crop out a bunch of your faces and then mathematically combine them for others' viewing [dis]pleasure. Start with any photos you want, cut out your face (roughly) and paste to a new file.  Tiff is the […]

negative media perception of video research

Okay, so I admit that this work isn't one that can cure recent economic troubles, but as far as video search goes, it's an example of DARPA funding used to help push the performance boundaries of what is possible in video signal processing. In a Washington Post article, a new project involving video surveillance is […]