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guaranteed unique facebook image

Tired of people mocking your profile photos?  Don't have photographic evidence that you were a child?  If so, just crop out a bunch of your faces and then mathematically combine them for others' viewing [dis]pleasure.

Start with any photos you want, cut out your face (roughly) and paste to a new file.  Tiff is the default extension in the script, but you can always change it...  Here are some candidates that I chose.
raw face candidates

raw candidate images after cropping

Now, just run the script and you will get a series of outputs.  These are simple operators on each of the RGB channels to find the mean, median, min, and max pixel value.  Pretty trivial and yes, it's all in RGB space, because we're humans, not robots.  Here's an example of what you'll get.

Candidate Transforms

If you're feeling that none of these photos meets your need, you can try the randomized replacement mode as well.  You can find/tweak the line that defines 'chunkSize' and 'chunkNum/4' as they define how big the random pixel chunks would be and how many of them to replace in your candidate image.  Also, you can initialize the image 'combinedRand' to something else (i.e. one of the photos), but I left it on the max image because I liked the way it looked.
Final profile face

Final profile face

Your turn, sorry hope you have matlab... Grab the script itself: facein

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