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Monthly Archives: November 2008

NJ Transit Mobile Scheduler

Not everyone has the funds or interest in browsing the somewhat slower internet connections you experience on on cell phones, so there are quite a few mobile-texting applications that have sprung up. Of course, this implies that you can send a quick SMS message from your phone, but in my opinion this action is much […]

adding a cablebox to mythtv

  1. have a working DVR, who cares... Referred to as the 'digital crush', analog broadcasts will supposedly end in the US on February 17, 2009.  Few people I know are using over the air (i.e. no cable) set-ups, but for those who are, you can get two coupons for $40 each towards an over-the-air receiver […]

One ring to guide them all

Alas, it appears that my Order of the Engineer ring has joined the metropolitan abyss that is New York.  Although I haven't spend enough time on the topic, it looks like getting a replacement would require some effort.  So, let me digress into the snippets of history around the ring. In my interpretation, it was […]

NY/NJ diving sites and information

Although it's still quite a bit in the future (not even done with my open-water cert yet), I'm eagerly looking forward to some of the local NY/NJ dives available.  I don't do well with collecting and tracking bookmarks effeciently, so I wanted to collect links for a few online sites (those with good GPS or […]

the paradox of ever-lasting limited time offers

Raised in a country founded on capitalism, I fully support the ability to have temporarily lower prices in hopes of winning favor with new customers.  However, in a highly competitive environment, this "temporary" or limited time offer seems to loose meaning over time. Here, my example is the constant battle of cable companies.  If you're […]