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six word memoirs

Inspired by a radio spot on NPR (in New York, it's WYNC), I think that a six-word memoir a day might be a fun thing to do.  While I must give credit to smithmag, wired, or more appropriately, Hemingway,  being a bit of a technology advocate myself, I thought I could add my own spin on it.  This ranges from ways to capture my own input (via text message, website, etc) to a few other things like a statistical frequency analysis by time, word, etc, and fun having to do with plotting and visualization.  Check back here or on the projects page but I think this would be an interesting project to pursue over time.

Also, let me know if you're interested in having your own memoirs that can be submitted via the web/text message.

Here's the first example, perhaps as a true memoir...

"intrigued, investigating, non-stop. knowledge and life."

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