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Category Archives: Freeform

mandate of action for climate change by Kofi Annan

One unique opportunity available as a student at Columbia is the frequent visitation of world leaders, particularly around the time that the UN general assembly meets. A visitation this year was by Kofi Annan, former secretary-general of the UN. Although terse, these notes are a brief sketch of what he discussed at Columbia. Two interesting […]

quick MacOS VNC and Subversion fixes

Just a quick couple of notes in this post. Two problems sucked a few hours of time this week, so it seems reasonable that they get pushed somewhere more visible for those with the best of Google-fu... connecting to a Mac VNC server from Linux and a weird "authorization failed" bug/oddity in subversion. Connecting to […]

an idea for saving (or adapting) print media

If you're reading this, you're part of the "problem" - well, kind of. The problem here is that traditional media outlets like print newspapers, cable news programs, and other "captive audience" forms of media publications are suffering because the accessibility of information has changed. In recent public spats between Google and The New York Times […]

sharing seminars and notes

Recently, the number of technical posts has been a little low, but I have continued to attend the many interesting talks and seminars available at Columbia. Sharing educational materials for others who are curious or are genuinely unable to access these talks in person (i.e. international scholars) seems to be a growing trend demonstrated by […]

six word memoirs

Inspired by a radio spot on NPR (in New York, it's WYNC), I think that a six-word memoir a day might be a fun thing to do.  While I must give credit to smithmag, wired, or more appropriately, Hemingway,  being a bit of a technology advocate myself, I thought I could add my own spin […]