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Sorry, when last checked, these projects are a bit out of date.  You're welcome to check them out, but no promises for functionality!  Thanks for looking!

Here you can find a few projects that I have worked on and am able to share.  I can't promise this list will be instantly updated, so if there's something I'm working on that you know about, send a message and I will do my best to accomodate.


Uptime Stats

After logging in a few times and seeing a load of over 200 on a shared host, I thought it would be interesting and in my best interest to start logging this uptime.  You can get a snapshot of historical uptime and load stats here, along with a few tricks that I've put together with jQuery, ajax over php, and mysql.

Check out the demo on this blog entry.

For web info monitoring itself, I still use awstats. [. my not-so hidden shortcut]

Added: Mon Dec  1 14:04:51 PST 2008

NJ Transit Mobile Scheduler

Not everyone has the funds or interest in browsing the somewhat slower internet connections you experience on on cell phones, so there are quite a few mobile-texting applications that have sprung up.  Of course, this implies that you can send a quick SMS message from your phone, but in my opinion this action is much less tedious and distracting than a full browser open, navigate, select, view operation.  Here are some of my favorites: directions on google, google 411, directions on sms hopstop or voice hopstop, weather and flight information on google, and flight alerts on

  1. don't use it that frequently, and there is an 800 number to call, but I thought it would be an interesting exercise to create a mobile texting system that retrieves the nearest schedule for train travel on NJ Transit.  Thanks to the users/admins at for their useful procmail tutorials.

Check out the demo available on this blog entry.

Added: Sat Nov 29 09:36:57 PST 2008