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Sorry, when last checked, these projects are a bit out of date.  You're welcome to check them out, but no promises for functionality!  Thanks for looking! Here you can find a few projects that I have worked on and am able to share.  I can't promise this list will be instantly updated, so if there's […]

adding a cablebox to mythtv

  1. have a working DVR, who cares... Referred to as the 'digital crush', analog broadcasts will supposedly end in the US on February 17, 2009.  Few people I know are using over the air (i.e. no cable) set-ups, but for those who are, you can get two coupons for $40 each towards an over-the-air receiver […]

guaranteed unique facebook image

Tired of people mocking your profile photos?  Don't have photographic evidence that you were a child?  If so, just crop out a bunch of your faces and then mathematically combine them for others' viewing [dis]pleasure. Start with any photos you want, cut out your face (roughly) and paste to a new file.  Tiff is the […]

Not exactly what I expected

Okay, so just starting to use some of these blog/web/etc software packages, I guess I have a few expectations that are not being fulfilled as easily as I though. Formatting: Even though this WYSIWYG stuff is pretty nice for WP, I still like my old-fashioned wiki style formatting.  I have a lot of legacy stuff […]

zero out your drive or "delete it for good"

So you’re selling (or trashing) your computer and want to make sure there’s nothing left on the hard disk afterwards, right?  No problem.  Going from built-in to hand-crafted, try these options... Use the “Secure Empty Trash” option on your Mac.  It will write zeros over the data 35 times. Perform an erase/zero out option to […]