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perpendicular parallel parking

Puzzle It is a fun (and rarely appreciated) moment when basic math and engineering can help one solve a non-technical problem.  Recently, I witnessed such an occasion where a non-standard solution was the only one that would work.  Warning: This is a geeky post, but hopefully entertaining nonetheless. Here's a visualization of the problem... Namely, […]

One ring to guide them all

Alas, it appears that my Order of the Engineer ring has joined the metropolitan abyss that is New York.  Although I haven't spend enough time on the topic, it looks like getting a replacement would require some effort.  So, let me digress into the snippets of history around the ring. In my interpretation, it was […]

the price of volunteering to an engineer

So, you’re a level-headed person that wants to see your co-workers / group / community do well, right?  That’s great, you can pat yourself on the back and admit that you're a fairly good or at least level-headed person.  However, give some serious though to your actions before you volunteer for everything, being all you […]