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fast top-k similarity computation in matlab

When pre-computing a similarity matrix, there there is a large cost in both time and memory for computing pairwise similarity between every sample, O(N^2).  There are two main ways to slightly reduce the cost of either one of these demands... Approximate Hashing: Hashing projects a set of features into a lower dimensional representation while simultaneously […]

guaranteed unique facebook image

Tired of people mocking your profile photos?  Don't have photographic evidence that you were a child?  If so, just crop out a bunch of your faces and then mathematically combine them for others' viewing [dis]pleasure. Start with any photos you want, cut out your face (roughly) and paste to a new file.  Tiff is the […]

Eric Zavesky

Congratulations, you found the only digital home page for Eric Zavesky, a principal member of technical staff at AT&T Labs Research. I research retrieval and interaction problems in a group focusing on Video and Multimedia Retrieval Services. Specifically, I'm interested in shifting the cognitive burden of modern indexing and retrieval systems (i.e. how an average […]