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normalize flash playback speed using ffmpeg

Video is a great way to demo a new system or option.  As a world, we're moving to the availability of high-speed connections just about everywhere, but we're not there yet.  That means that you probably want to crunch down a 30M high-quality video you just generated into something more tolerable, like 5-7M.  I've found […]

the paradox of ever-lasting limited time offers

Raised in a country founded on capitalism, I fully support the ability to have temporarily lower prices in hopes of winning favor with new customers.  However, in a highly competitive environment, this "temporary" or limited time offer seems to loose meaning over time. Here, my example is the constant battle of cable companies.  If you're […]

negative media perception of video research

Okay, so I admit that this work isn't one that can cure recent economic troubles, but as far as video search goes, it's an example of DARPA funding used to help push the performance boundaries of what is possible in video signal processing. In a Washington Post article, a new project involving video surveillance is […]